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Men that can have communication in nothing else can sympathetically eat together, can still rise into some glow of brotherhood over food and wine. Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), Scottish writer, historian.

Athena statue standing for theatre's 170th

HISTORY will repeat itself at today's 170th anniversary celebration for the grand dame that is the Athenaeum Theatre. A famous guest in the annals, Mark Twain, who was born with the not-so-catchy name Samuel Langhorne Clemens, conducted lectures there and farewelled our shores from the stage in 1895. Today, more

Geelong Launches Late Salvo To Earn Victory

IF FANS could have been given notice about the first three quarters at Skilled Stadium yesterday, most of them wouldn't have turned up until the last change.


Q1 I downloaded a free "pop-up stopper", but occasionally need to disable it briefly - if I want to log on to Net banking, for example. As soon as I do I seem to get two very dodgy sites. They don't always appear as pages. When I press more